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HiCoin takes the digital currency wallet solution as the core, provides the whole ecological overall service system, serves customers withthe blockchain wallet solutions, and explores the newest wallet operation ideas.
With a full set of full function wallet system, 3 complete service closed loops, 5 core product advantages, 10+ industry solutions, 30+ security technology support, independent account system, support for private deployment, inplements the separation and migration of imperceptible data on zero foundation, and builds customized wallet in 10 seconds.
Through the open platform and application plug-ins, we will build a connector for the economy and scenario applications, and expand more financial derivatives (brokers, leverage, and transactions) to create a financial ecosystem.
Integrate data from hundreds of exchanges, build a super-eco, and share super-information information
Three-tier wallet system, DDos defense, traffic cleaning and other 30+ defense mechanisms, 100 partners mature risk assessment data experience combined with top risk control system to protect you.

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