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Product Advantages

High Security
Mobile phone root monitoring, DNS service security monitoring, network security monitoring, anti-modulation reverse analysis and other 30+ technical security assurance
Multiple Functions
The private key is self-holding, the wallet is created at the top speed, the mnemonic words are imported by one-touch, and the trading is convenient and fast. Hot DAPPs can be connected at the top speed
Multi-level Risk Management Warnings
Multiple security verification, cold and hot separation storage, multiple signatures are distributed around the world to protect private key security
Diversified Deployment
Customized wallet deployment, SaaS cloud wallet deployment, API interface, SDK access and other access methods, Help you build the wallet system quickly

Product Introduction

Basic Functions

Login/Register 、Add Coin、Top-up coins、Withdraw coins

Common Functions

Revise the payment password、Set PIN Code、Fingerprint identification、Address Book、Message Center

Special Functions

Multiple authentications、Security Level、Invite Friends

Operating Functions

Broker system, OTC circulating fund, KYC real-name authentication, quantitative money management, games, payment mall, brokerage, etc.

Application Scenarios

It supports the open interface of digital currency based on Internet mode and applies to online e-commerce and O2O store payment scenarios
It expands new customers and enhances the recognition and loyalty to the enterprises in the form of tokens awarded with the expenditure
Game Industry
Third-party game channel institutions can be accessed quickly to realize the circulation of ideal money
Cloud Wallet home page
According to the current market, the latest asset data can be acquired in real time. It supports asset hiding, currency management, wallet importing, system information management, etc
Cloud Wallet Transaction details
Transaction details are in full view, and the movement of capital is under control.Not only the one-touch mutual transfer of HD wallet and cloud wallet is supported, but also local pictures can be saved or transaction information can be shared with friends
Cloud Wallet Address Book
Through [Me] - [Contact Address Book], friend currency addresses can be recorded quickly, and the transaction details page can be added to the address book by one-touch, which is convenient and easy to be used
Cloud Wallet KYC
Security level authentication, to ensure the security and reliability of trading, different levels of authentication users have different trading authority; the payment password can be also set, etc

Technical architecture


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