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Tutorial For TestFlight

  • 01

    Click [TestFlight], follow the instructions on the page, and open the APP Store to download TestFlight

  • 02

    You can also download TestFlight directly from the APP Store. If you have already downloaded it, please ignore it

  • 03

    Open the TestFlight APP, accept HiCoin Beta version, and then use it. If you have downloaded it, you can [update] it to get the latest version

Tutorial For IOS Installation

  • 01

    After the installation is complete, if you click the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” prompt, you can go to the phone “Settings” to authorize.”

  • 02

    Find us in the “Settings-->General-->Device Management” enterprise application in the phone.

  • 03

    Click on “Trust” and go back to the desktop to use HiCoin.


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