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Q: What is the technical team background of HiCoin Wallet?

A:As an innovative company focused on block chain finance, HiCoin is invested by Node Capital, Star Capital, Founding Capital, etc. The company's main body and team core are located in Singapore. Members of the HiCoin team have many years of exploration experience and deep accumulation in the areas of block chain finance and investment and financial management. In terms of technology, HiCoin works closely with ChainUp, a world-renowned block chain technology provider, to empower the financial industry with block chain technology. HiCoin is committed to promoting inclusive finance with technology, making financial transactions and investment management more efficient, safe and convenient. HiCoin's first major product, HiCoin Wallet, is a decentralized wallet that supports all currencies. Through this product, we will create a block chain entry-level application to help customers realize multi-chain one-stop asset management.

Q:Where are private keys and digital cash assets stored?

A:Private key multiple encryption is stored locally on the phone and does not access the server in any form. The real thing is to master the private key personally, and no one else can touch the assets in your chain.

Q:Which is safe for the exchange and purse? What's the difference?

A:Wallet is safer. In the exchange, your assets are not in your hands. All exchanges will store the user's assets in a huge wallet, and the private key is not in the user's hands and is managed by the exchange. That is to say, the only key that can guarantee the user to get the asset is in someone else's hands. The coins received and issued in HiCoin are all real transactions in the block chain. the user's private key is encrypted multiple times and stored locally on the mobile phone, and the server does not access it. That is to say, a hacker who attacks the wallet server cannot get the user's private key, and the user's assets will not be lost

Q: The exchange / other wallet shows that the transfer was successful. Why hasn't the HiCoin Wallet received a note yet?

A:According to different exchanges or the wallet, there may be two reasons: First, the success displayed by the exchanges and the wallet does not refer to the success of the transaction, but to the success of the broadcast or the success of the transmission. After the broadcast is successful, the accounts can only be booked after confirmation by the block chain. (Bitcoin has been confirmed six times and Ethereum has been confirmed twenty times) The other is confirmed by the block chain that the transaction has indeed been successful, so it may be due to the unstable Ethereum node program at that time, resulting in a delay in the receipt of accounts, which can normally be restored to normal in about ten minutes. If the time is too long, please contact customer service.

Q:How long does it usually take to collect money?

A:The main currency will arrive in 30 minutes and the token will arrive in 10 minutes (under the condition that the miners' fees are not low and the block network is not congested). According to the block chain rule, Bitcoin transactions will be confirmed for more than 72 hours, and nodes will clear data, that is, return assets, but if there are nodes still broadcasting unconfirmed transactions, the time will be extended indefinitely. There is no time limit for Ethereum. It is suggested to increase the miners' fees to speed up the transaction.

Q: Can the currency issue be canceled?

A:No. According to the block chain rule, transactions that have already been broadcast cannot be withdrawn or canceled, and the withdrawn transactions are likely to be used by illegal personnel.

Q:How to inquire about my transaction?

A:All transaction queries must be handled through the block chain browser: Copy the transaction ID into the search box of the block chain browser, and the block browser URL is displayed in the currency profile.

Q:How to calculate miners' fees?

A:The default miner's fee is calculated from the block chain network. Users can adjust the miners' fees themselves. Generally, the higher the miners' fees, the faster the block confirmation.

Q:What if your mobile phone is lost and you forget to pay your password?

A:You can find your wallet by downloading app and importing mnemonics.




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