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Scheme Advantage

Diversified Deployment
Customized wallet, SaaS cloud wallet deployment, API interface, SDK access and other access methods, with short launching cycle and at low cost
High Flexibility
Independent and modularized functions support for the free combinations of multiple products and support multi-terminal applications such as Android, IOS and so on. Data is observed in real time
7*24h Operation and Maintenance Services
7X24 service support, system security maintenance and performance monitoring; 7X24 operation and maintenance duty and real-time response to any problem online
24h Operation Support
CMS manages the backend to facilitate the daily operation needs of the project party, and meanwhile operation guide, activity promotion and customer service Q&A are provided
Task System
Different levels and different types of task systems are set up at the backend, for example, users can get digital asset rewards by sign-in, greeting, completing earning (or consuming) tasks, etc
Mining System
The basic information, sales information and operation information of mining machine are set at the backend, such as mining machine purchasing, computing, releasing cycle, dividend mechanism, with a great variety and flexibility
Broker System
After inviting others to register successfully, users can get digital asset rewards to encourage them to develop other users voluntarily and improve user quantity
Red Packet System
By taking advantage of the communicability of social platforms, all the fund flows generated in the communication of users can be offset by digital currency for payment (such as red envelope, transfer, etc
Candy Stimulation
Different promotional activities are set at the backend. Digital asset rewards can be obtained by candy airdrop, users downloading applications, fulfilling tasks and participating in activities, etc
Hedge System
Backend supports to release the hedge task and set unlock rules. Users participate in activities within the hedge period and they can obtain digital currency according to the hedge rules. Hedge cases can be provided



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