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Scheme Advantage

Diversified Deployment
Customized wallet, SaaS cloud wallet deployment, API interface, SDK access and other access methods, with short launching cycle and at low cost
High Flexibility
Independent and modularized functions support for the free combinations of multiple products and support multi-terminal applications such as Android, IOS and so on. Data is observed in real time
7*24h Operation and Maintenance Services
7X24 service support, system security maintenance and performance monitoring; 7X24 operation and maintenance duty and real-time response to any problem online
24h Operation Support
CMS manages the backend to facilitate the daily operation needs of the project party, and meanwhile operation guide, activity promotion and customer service Q&A are provided
OTC Trading System
Two-way trading, free trading, security and reliability. It supports bank card, WeChat, Alipay, cash deposit and other payment methods. It also has a chat function between the two parties to ensure that the two parties can conduct one-to-one quick trading through negotiation
Money Management System
The regular money management of digital currency can be set interest rate, locked-in cycle and other parameters, together with matching different assets to meet the investment needs of users
Cryptocurrency Yuebao
Yuebao in the digital currency industry can be flexibly allocated interest rate and the upper and lower limits of investment, to realize the interest earned after deposit, daily income settlement, and withdrawal at any time
Quick Conversion
All kinds of trading pairs can be set freely, so as to realize the fast trading between the mainstream currency and ERC20 tokens, or the ERC20 tokens and ERC20 tokens, or the mainstream currency and mainstream currency

Technical architecture


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